Holistic Information Directory

What is HI?

HI is one stop Health and Well-Being, inspirational, educational, on-line site to introduce you to our “Well-Being”community on the Cote d’Azur and Monaco; be-it through therapies, remedies, health tips or healthy retreats or holistic events.


For you to get to know our community of “well-Being” experts. Easy access to find out what great holistic therapists are here, what they do and what events are happening. Educate and inspire people on all aspects of health and well-being. Provide health articles from local experts and watch inspirational videos. A-Z list of wellness therapies. Latest Health Hacks ; Explore ways of healthy living-Healthy Aging-everything from superfoods to stress management for healthy bodies and mind. Information on dis-ease and natural remedies. Support local charities by advertising their events for FREE.

About Beverley

Beverley is the founder of The Holistic Information Directory. She has been promoting Holistic Speakers for many years in Sydney and 6 years on the Cote d’Azur.

When she first arrived in Nice she organically started a holistic community , showing weekly films by great Holistic Leaders and Pioneers like Dr. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. She then encouraged members of her group to talk about what they do ,mentoring some of them.. The group expanded rapidly and many people asked her how to start up a business and wanted to know many aspects of business tools, so the International Professionals Network was launched. Each month a key note speakers inspired and educated the group , giving them tools to implement immediately. Beverley also spoke about a different aspect of Business Networking each month.

As technology has developed Beverley realises that the way forward is to also build an on-line community, hence the launch of HI.

Beverley trained as a medical professional in Wales then emigrated to Australia where she created a hugely successful Holistic Health and Well Being Day Spa. During which time she provided masseuse services for the Australian Rugby team and was the beautician and para-medical esthetician to celebrities and VIP clients. She loves people and finding out what makes them click and helping people anyway she is able.. She believes that we are never to old to learn. The best gift you can give yourself is on-going personal and spiritual development.