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08 August 2020

Chill Out Evening & Potluck Dinner
08 September - 7:00 PM
        until - 9:30 PM
@ Lippman Residence
Meditation and Wellness Night
15 September - 6:00 PM
        until - 7:00 PM
@ Riviera Reiki
Ladies Love To Lunch
17 September - 9:00 AM
        until - 5:00 PM
@ Le Meridien Hotel
In Your Element Festival Belvoir Castle
19 September - 8:00 AM
--> 20 September  - 8:00 PM
@ Belvoir Castle
Sealskin Soulskin
09 October - 7:00 PM
--> 11 October  - 4:00 PM
@ To Be Confirmed

Heart Healing Meditation with Mary Magdalene
In this empowering guided meditation, Beverley Holt, Meditation Teacher, takes you on a sacred journey to meet Saint Mary Magdalene who will help to heal your heart and any childhood hurts and all the...
Inclusion-why is it important?
Therapists from ten countries around the world, discuss what "Inclusion" is and what happens when some are excluded. They share their personal experience with inclusion and exclusion. Follow along w...
Interviews about Life after Lockdown
Hi everyone, I’ve been interviewed by the dynamic Dusty Rhodes on This new show the Great Escape podcast about life after lockdown! I would really appreciate your comments :) A good opportunity to h...