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18 November 2018

Dr.Mikao Usui Reiki Level1 Course
17 November - 12:00 PM
--> 18 November - 5:00 PM
@ Le Moonlight
Satsang & Kirtan
18 November - 1:30 PM
        until - 7:00 PM
@ Mauna Meditation Center
Heartmath Works Wonders For Stress
22 November - 11:30 AM
        until - 2:00 PM
@ Roc Fleuri,1,Rue Du Tenao, Monaco.98000
Autumn Colours At Vineyard Roubine
22 November - 9:30 AM
        until - 4:00 PM
@ Chateau Roubine
Xmas Party And Chill Out Night
04 December - 7:00 PM
        until - 9:30 PM
@ Lippman Residence
Ladies Love To Lunch
06 December - 12:00 PM
        until - 3:00 PM
@ Eqvita

Worry affects all areas of our life !
Worry affects all areas of our life! Last month, at my Reiki Event we discussed worry. So what is worry? Definition of worry in English | Oxford Dictionaries Feel or cause to feel anxious or tro...
Holding onto anger affects your health
Holding on to anger affects your health. We each know how it feels to be angry and how we act when are angry, whether as a fleeting annoyance or as full-fledged rage. We also know what are the out...
Nearly 100 years old & teaching Yoga
Tao Porchon-Lynch is 99 years old, and she’s still practices – and teaches! – yoga regularly. She will be 100 years young on August 13th,2018. So what’s her secret to staying happy and active? ...